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Simple Mortgage Calculator with PMI and Taxes

Use our free mortgage calculator to determine your monthly payments, including PMI, homeowners insurance, taxes, interest and more.

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15 Ways to Save Big on Your Car Insurance

Car insurance is a necessary expense in your budget. In this article, we will discuss strategic measures or ways to save big on your car insurance.

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Credit Repair: How to Fix Bad Credit Score Fast

Having a bad credit score can cause you not to get a mortgage or get a mortgage with a higher interest rate. Fix bad credit score using the methods discussed.

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15 Quick Ways To Lower Homeowners Insurance Costs

Many homeowners pay high premiums on their homes, not knowing how to lower these costs. This article discusses 15 ways you can lower homeowners insurance costs.


How to Start Investing With Little or No Money

It is a common assumption that you must have loads of money to start investing. But it is far from the truth as you can start investing with little or no money

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First-Time Home Buyer Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Don’t let lack of funds stop you from owning a home; many first-time home buyer mortgage programs and grants can help you realize the dream.

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5 Best Personal Finance Tips and Tricks for Millennials

Start saving and investing for your future and retirement as well. This article gives you personal finance tips to help you towards financial well-being

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10 Best Free Budgeting Apps

Budgeting signifies the start of your journey to financial awareness. Therefore, you must choose the best free budgeting apps to help you save and invest money.

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Life Insurance 101: Everything You Need to Know

Are you afraid of uncertainties and want to secure the future of your family? Life insurance ensures that your family are well catered for after you pass.

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5 Important Questions to ask your Car Insurance Agent

This article discusses some of the important questions to ask your car insurance agent to ensure you are well-covered in case of an accident.

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Car Insurance 101: 10 Things You Need to Know

Getting car insurance can be tricky for a new car owner . We’ve taken the trouble to compile a list of ten things you need to know about auto insurance.

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Homeowners Vs Renters Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

Owning and renting a home are two different things. This article helps you distinguishes between homeowners and renters insurance.